SensingPlanet pods

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SensingPlanet pods use ‘eco’ sensors and transmit data across the SP mesh network.  For ‘power arcing and wildfire detection’ projects, we use customized UV and Infrared sensors:

  • Ultra-violet (UVTron) sensor (FireScout) detects power ‘arcing’ and any flash of light or flame in a 180 degree radius or sphere.
  • InfraRed sensor monitors temperature in the area and are sensitive to infrared vibrations caused by ‘glowing’ power lines or power station equipment.
  • ‘Hall Effect’ magnetic sensor detects whether a pod door is open or shut.  Useful to detect and alert in the event of device tampering or damage.

Other sensors that are supported include motion detection, sound detection, smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, gas leak detection, and complete weather station support (barometric pressure, wind speed, temperature, etc).  Most sensors can be easily integrated with this platform.